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Inviting business intelligence professionals

We would like to know if there are BI professionals (advanced levels) who would be interested in working as BI mentors from any part of the world (remote work) in full-time and/or part-time for our PublicBI ORBIT program in the future. If you are interested please contact us or fill this form. We will go through your profile in Linkedin, and if your profile matches our requirements we will contact you back. If we both find it mutually beneficial let's take it forward together.

Kindly note these points, we like to be as transparent as possible :

  • Please don't send us your CVs or any other attachments, we are not fishing for CVs. Your Linkedin profile is sufficient for us to make a decision.

  • This is not a current requirement, this is for a future possible requirement. We are ensuring that we have enough mentors whom we can reach out to when we need them.

  • The number of open positions will directly depend on the scale at which we will grow in the future. We have just started engaging with universities/colleges in Bengaluru and Vietnam in the pilot phase. Thanks for your understanding.

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