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PublicBI EUPP Analytics: Free for a week

EU spends ~2 trillion euros per annum on public procurement. All EU procurement data above EU threshold and many contracts awarded below threshold is available in TED (Tenders electronic daily) data. However, the data quality issues hinder meaningful analysis and deriving of information and insights. PublicBI EUPP Analytics solution is aimed to provide information and insights currently in the form of easy to use interactive dashboards based on daily cleaned & enriched* data. Apart from answering basic questions such as total contract award value, number of contract awards, top buyers, top suppliers, etc., it can help you find many interesting trends, patterns, correlations, and anomalies in EU public procurement.

As the world celebrates Diwali (light over darkness), here is an opportunity for you to access the dashboard (light on public procurement data) for free for one week starting today. Contact us to get access.

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