On the project Role-based Business Intelligence Training

 PublicBI ORBIT 

Experience an unique and first of its kind BI training. 


Note : Currently we are reworking on the details of the training program and company strategy, hence the registrations are closed for now. Contact info@publicbi.com if you need further details.

ORBIT Highlights

Role-based Mentoring
  • ETL Developer

  • Report Developer

  • Dimensional Modeler

  • Business Intelligence Business Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Quality Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

       Team Work

Every team will focus on a Data mart. 

Every Team will consists of minimum of 3 roles ( Business Analyst, Developer and Quality Analyst)

and a maximum of 7-8 members.

Wear different hats as per your interest

Virtual Teams

Be part of the distributed virtual Team. For example developer in India, BA in Germany and QA in Spain. 

      Open project

​Work on PublicBI Solution backed by Public Data Warehouse. Possibility to showcase project and your work not only to your future employer but also to your friends and family

    Agile Methodology

Learn the customized Kanban methodology (KABI methodology will be used). Instead of DDAS we will use WDAS.

JIRA for Epics and User Stories. 

Confluence for documentation.


This is not a typical one or two days online or classroom training. This is a longer term (6+ months)  training and mentoring program. 

Best Practices

PublicBI solution will be built with best practices. We will also innovate and set new  standards in building BI Solutions. 

Real challenges

Face similar and more challenges (Technical, Team and communication) that are faced by Business Intelligence professionals in building a BI solution. 

Tools agnostic

Work with various tools and technologies.  We focus more on the concepts and less on the specific tools. We will work with tools like PDI, Knowage, PostgreSQL, Big Query, Oracle Data Modeler, JIRA, confluence etc


ORBIT Program

Issued by PublicBI UG on successful completion of training
Mentored by seasoned BI professional  on Thurs, Fri and Saturday 
Recommendation Letter
Signed by your Mentor. Applicable skills will also be endorsed.
Training Fees
1150 EUR plus taxes for year 2018 only
(regular fee from 2019 is 3130  EUR + taxes)
Start Date
To be announced

Every Saturday there will be Weekly Demo and Sync-up

Flexible Timings
Learn when you can, how much you can

Live Online (audio/video conference, chat, screen sharing)

Minimum of 500 hours ( 20 hours / week  for 25 weeks ) 

Eligibility and requirements


  • In general, all are welcome.

  • Preference is for working professionals (non BI) and university students who want to get real Business Intelligence project, Team working and Agile methodology experience with guidance and mentoring. 

  • Selection only after telephonic/Skype-based discussion with Mentor. In this call we will discuss about your motivation to join this program, and get to know if you have good enough English speaking skills required for the program. 


  • Self-motivated individuals who are interested in learning and getting experience in building Business Intelligence solution.

  • You should be able to devote at least 20 hours per week on an average for at least 6 months, or 10 hours per week on an average for at least 1 year. 

  • Good communication skills in English. Should be able to communicate with other students in English.

  • Computer literate. 

  • Own Computer/laptop with good internet connection ( you should be able to attend video/audio conference calls, webinars, online meeting etc). You should also be able to download required software and install it.

  • You should make arrangements to ensure that the room where you are seated is quiet so that there is no noise during online meetings. 


More information

Important Note : ORBIT Program Fees

Once your application has been selected and telephonic/skype discussion is completed. We will send you an invoice. You are expected to do an online transfer to our bank account before you can start in the training program. Please note that we do not accept cash payments, and that none of our ROCs ( Regional ORBIT Coordinators) are authorized to collect any cash or payment from any of our students. Students are expected to pay fees online directly to our bank account, bank account details will be shared in the invoice sent to the Student's email id by PublicBI UG. Please do not make payments to fraudsters, we cannot be held responsible for your negligence. 



For more detailed information about the program click on below links.

Who else may benefit from this training program?

  • People who are taking a break from their career and want to brush up some skills. 

  • People who do not have BI experience but would be managing or overseeing a BI Team or department directly or indirectly for various reasons.

  • Companies who plan to build in-house BI Teams may nominate their employees who come from non BI background for this training so that they learn BI best practices practically. 

  • Also those who are in BI but unfortunately do not have the possibility to try different roles or work with best practices or unable to explore more topics/tools  in BI in their current organization.

  • People who are bored with other technologies or work and want to check if they are interested in BI.


What's unique about this ORBIT program?

ORBIT is like a playground, where you play the game of BI in whichever role you want, experienced gamers teach you the rules of the game and guide you with the best practices. As you play the game in teams, you experience the true meaning of team spirit, deal with communication, co-ordination challenges and much more.

  • A lot of people want to get into Business Intelligence, but there are not many opportunities for people to get started with Business Intelligence. Most companies hire people who have some prior experience in BI, they don't want to hire freshers because it is an expense for the company to train a fresher, it takes lot of time of experienced person, can't be placed in a project with tight deadlines (most of them),  and then there are chances that the fresher may quit company after the training.   And this creates a deadlock situation, where candidates want jobs to gain experience but companies want candidates with some experience. Some of them are lucky who manage to get intern positions in BI Teams and then become a permanent team member however not everyone gets this opportunity as there are not many such opportunities. If you can manage to get into a BI Team in any company in any position then we recommend you take that route as that is the best route to get real experience

  • Lot of working professionals in non BI roles want to make a career switch to BI or at least want to understand how BI projects are executed, but they also face the same situation, companies don't give them BI jobs and they cannot go for intern positions quitting their current job because of current commitments. 

  • There are educational institutions that offer good full-time courses in Business Intelligence and related fields, and also there are online courses that touch upon some BI tools. But they are mostly theoretical and hence does not provide practical experience, does not provide a project experience, are quite expensive and yet does not provide an experience of working in a Team. 

  • Again, there are many institutes and training centers that offer tool based BI Training. But they don't provide a platform to get real BI project experience and experience of working in a team. And they don't provide role-based training. 

This ORBIT program has been designed very thoughtfully to address these above mentioned gaps in the current market. We will mimic the real project situation with a virtual Business. The Data Warehouse and Reports that we build may or may not be used at all but we will still build it. You will get full experience of working on a real BI project including development of a Data Warehouse in the role that you are interested. You will get experience of working in an internationally distributed team. You will get role based mentoring. At this point of launching the ORBIT program, we are not aware about anyone else providing such a training. 


For example if you want to get trained as a BIBA (Business Intelligence Business Analyst), is there any other place where you can get trained and mentored as a BIBA? Here, you will be mentored by seasoned BI Professional, Anoop Kumar  V K, who has experience in end to end implementation of BI solutions for various industries, experience in leading and managing BI Teams, mentoring new joiners etc.  He has experience of working as ETL Developer, Report Developer, BI Analyst, BIBA, Product Owner , Team Lead and is currently working  part-time as Principal Data Analyst. Anoop is also the creator of the KABI methodology and the worldwide BI Jobs portal JobsBI.com among other creations like IBI. ​As we scale, we will also have more industry experts joining us as mentors and trainers. 

500 hours is mandatory. Without putting in at least 500 hours of training you will not receive the training completion certificate. The certificate will be issued by PublicBI UG, a Munich-based company. You will also get a recommendation letter and skills endorsement from your Mentors. 

In the first year, we will be building a BI Solution from scratch. From second year, we will be adding new Data Marts to existing Data Warehouse. If you join in the first year you will get the experience of building a BI Solution starting from scratch and experience many tough challenges. And this is one of the reasons why we are giving away a big discount for first year.

Genuine discount

63 %  discount on training fee for all students compared to year 2019  fee. We are giving this discount for 3 reasons:
  • First year is not going to be smooth, we will face lots of challenges as we will build the PublicBI solution from scratch. You are taking a risk as there are no seniors that you can enquire about this training program. We want you to get some benefit of being the 1st batch. 
  • You will be an experimental batch, in many ways you will help us improve the training program for future students. As future students will benefit from your contributions, we are passing some benefits (discounted fee) to you while we charge full fee to the future students. 
  • We want to create awareness about the training program with an attractive fee. It would be one of the best low cost high quality training program.    


Fees and Payment

What is the refund policy?

We are sure that once you start experiencing what we provide you, you will not drop out in between. However, we understand that in unavoidable situations you may want to drop out of the training program. If you drop out within first two months of you joining the program, we will refund you the prorata fee amount. The fees is calculated for 6 months (180 days) period from your starting date. So for example if you have paid 2000 EUR + taxes as fees and want to drop out after 45 days then we will refund you 1500 EUR ( 2000-(2000/180)*45). There won't be any refund after completion of 60 days of you joining the program.

Are there any group discounts?

If you are a group of at least 4 people (example 4 students /colleauges/friends) who will join ORBIT program at the same time then we can provide a group discount. Fees would be 4000 EUR plus taxes instead of 4600 EUR plus taxes.

Can I pay the fees in Indian Rupees instead of Euros?

PublicBI UG (Munich-based company) and Reportpedia Pvt Ltd (Bangalore-based company) are run by same management, and Reportpedia is a partner of PublicBI. Because of this reason if you wish you may pay the equivalent amount in Rupees to Reportpedia's bank account. Again as explained in the first answer only online payment is allowed and no cash payments. Payment should be made directly to Reportpedia's Bank Account that will be shared in the Invoice sent to the Student's email id. Everything else remains same. You would still get the certificate from PublicBI UG.

What are the payment options?

Once your application has been selected and telephonic/skype discussion is completed. We will send you an invoice. You are expected to do an online transfer to our bank account before you can start in the training program. Please note that we do not accept cash payments, and that none of our ROCs ( Regional ORBIT Coordinators) are authorized to collect any cash or payment from any of our students. Students are expected to pay fees online directly to our bank account, bank account details will be shared in the invoice sent to the Student's email id by PublicBI UG.

Can I pay in any other currency other than EUR and INR? And any other mode other than online payment?

No, currently we do not accept any other currency other than EUR and INR. No, the only method of payment we accept is online payment. You can transfer the fee amount to our company bank account as mentioned in the Invoice sent to you by PublicBI UG.


Is the training only for Working Professionals and Students?

No, any eligible candidate can join. Our current focus is on working professionals, who are considering to switch to Business Intelligence and students who would like to pursue a career in Business Intelligence after graduation. However, we also welcome others who may be interested in getting Business Intelligence training.

When will I get training completion certificate and recommendation letter?

After you have completed 500 hours of training you can request for your training completion certificate and recommendation letter. We will email you your certificate and recommendation letter signed by your Mentor.

What is the roadmap for ORBIT?

Important note - These should not be considered as commitment but our vision.

  • In the future, we would like to expand the range of trainings provided in the BI landscape.
  • Use different tools for the same purpose and see which one works best.
  • We would like to expand our training from distributed team only setup to a mixed setup. That is, to have a mix of co-located teams and distributed teams.
  • Setup training centers in Bangalore and Munich and hopefully other locations.
  • Set high standards for BI trainings so that others can follow.
  • Set standards in BI Solution design and share best practices openly so that everyone can benefit.

Will PublicBI sponsor visa to Germany?

As explained above there is no need to travel to Germany and hence there is no question of visa sponsorship. At the moment we do not sponsor visa or provide invitation letters to Germany as the method of training is online only. In the future, for new courses, we have plans to setup training centers in Munich and other places. At that point we would be a in position to send invitations based on which you may apply for appropriate category visa. We will not sponsor visa.

Is there a certification exam/test?

As part of ORBIT there is no certification exam/test. You get your certificate only based on real experience of working in the Public Data Warehouse project.

In case I can't continue the training can I transfer the rights to attend to someone else?

No. If you have started attending the ORBIT program then you cannot transfer your rights to attend to someone else. If it is before you have started training and after fee payment you can transfer the rights to someone else who should meet our eligibility requirements.

How will training time be tracked?

Students are expected to track time in JIRA tickets assigned to them.

What is the maximum time in which I have to complete the training?

You should complete the 500 hours of training within 1 year of joining. In general, it is preferable that you complete the training within 1 year, however in exceptional cases, if you need more time you should take prior approval from your Mentor.

Is there a need to travel to Germany for attending this training?

No, there is no need to travel to Germany for attending this training program. This is completely online training.

I don't have anything else to do, I can devote 40 hours weekly, can I train myself for more than 500 hours? Will my skills be endorsed for the additional hours of training?

Yes, sure you can. 500 is the minimum number of hours of training required, there is no max limit. We will endorse you for all the tools you have learnt in 1 year.

Is this the best way to get BI project experience?

No. The best way to get BI project experience is to get into any of the BI Teams in any of the companies in any of the position. Working in a real project with senior folks is the best way to learn. ORBIT has been developed to fill the current gap in the market as there are not many openings for freshers in the BI field.

I don't want training and mentoring, I just need a platform where I can learn BI on my own, is this possible?

Yes, ORBIT is only for those who wish to get training and mentoring from expert BI Professionals. If you don't need the training and mentoring you don't have to register for the ORBIT program. You can also learn on your own without any fees. You will have access to the publicly accessible areas of PublicDW project and you can learn from that. As you can understand, we will not provide any support, certificate or recommendations.

Is everything clear about how Public Data Warehouse will be built?

No, vision is clear, direction we have to take is clear, in some cases the paths we have to take is also clear, but in some cases the exact paths we have to take is not clear, as and when we reach there we will have more clarity and choose the right path. If everything was so easy someone would have built it by now and this wouldn't be a challenge at all.

Jobs and placement

Why PublicBI does not offer job placement?

At the moment we cannot offer job placement services. We would like to focus on providing low-cost, high quality role-based Business Intelligence training that is currently missing in the market. We believe in being fully transparent. At the moment we do not have tie-ups with any companies for job placements. In the future we may have tie-ups and we may be able to support you in job placement. But currently we don't want to give you any false promises.

Will PublicBI help us to get BI Jobs in Germany or other places?

Again, we believe in being fully transparent.As part of this ORBIT program there will not be any commitment from PublicBI to help candidates to get BI Jobs in any region. However, on a totally voluntary basis we may help candidates to find jobs through our JobsBI.com portal, we may also help candidates on volunatary basis by conducting mock interviews, reviewing CV and cover letter.

After the training can I get a Job at PublicBI?

This is not our intention of providing the training. Our idea is to provide you the best possiblel high quality BI Training at low cost. And what you do with it is totally left to you. We do not want to give any false promises.

How does the BI Job market look like?

Take a look at the JobsBI.com site. More and more companies are hiring people in BI roles.

Can the training hours be considered as working experience?

No. In our case there is no paying customer and no Business users, your mentor will act as Business owner providing you the requirements instead of Business users.