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PublicBI Wins 2nd Prize at EU Datathon 2018

A BI solution for the benefit of the public, mainly using EU public procurement data is what the team (Anoop Kumar V K and Rekha B I) from PublicBI built and showcased at the EU Datathon 2018 to win the 2nd prize in the "Public Procurement - Value for Citizens, Value for Businesses" category.

PublicBI developed a cloud-based data warehouse and built dashboards on top of it to showcase some of the possibilities of the solution. Using the interactive dashboards, users from all over the world can find trends, patterns, correlations and anomalies in the EU public procurement in just a few clicks and without having to write a single line of code. Absolutely anyone who is interested in the topic can make use of it. They don't have to be data analysts, data scientists, etc to find insights from the data.

For photos, videos and slides see EU Datathon 2018 .

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