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PublicBI BIKON May 2018 - A Successful Event

Event details

We are very happy to share that the 1st PublicBI BIKON event on 3rd May 2018, the first ever online international business intelligence conference was a major success. 7 speakers from 5 different time zones delivered 8 talks in each of the two rounds. It had participants from 6 continents in 30+ worldwide cities with 30+ job titles. What more can we ask for? Below provided chart is based on grouping the 30+ job titles into categories that are most appropriate. It excludes all of the direct entries such as PublicBI ORBIT mentors, colleagues, speakers, and sponsors.

The event started at 8 45 AM CEST (Munich Time) and ended at 7 PM CEST. We have received excellent feedback from attendees, speakers and sponsors. We thank all the participants, speakers, sponsors, PublicBI ORBIT mentors and other well-wishers. We will soon announce the details of the next PublicBI BIKON event. And we are making some interesting changes too!


We have started uploading the videos of PublicBI BIKON May 2018 on PublicBI's YouTube channel. To receive notifications automatically please subscribe to our YouTube channel . The first video published is the session by Klaus Lindinger from DataWerks.
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