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Business Intelligence Jobs, skills and tools analysis report

Full report can be downloaded for free from PublicBI BI Jobs Analysis.

Above screenshot is provided to give an idea about the content of this report. This report is created based on an independent, unsponsored and unbiased exploration and analysis of current trends in Business Intelligence Jobs, skills and BI Tools in demand based on reliable, verifiable and real BI Job requirements.

Report covers various aspects such as Minimum educational qualification, types of BI roles, skills and tools in demand. This report is not meant to be a comprehensive report on Business Intelligence Job Trends, Skills or Tools. Also, it is not intended to convey that one role, skill or tool is better than the other role, skill or tool respectively. It only presents the current findings and insights based on the study and analysis of sample set of open BI jobs that were randomly chosen from portal and hence it should convey the current demand correctly.

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