PublicBI Mini


PublicBI Mini is a fully-managed innovative end-to-end BI solution offering for MSME customers. You don't need an IT team to use this service. 

What does it include?


  • Up to 1 TB of data

  • 4 dashboards (example of a dashboard given below)

  • Solution based on infrastructure provided by global cloud services providers such as Google Cloud Services, AWS and Microsoft Azure

  • No IT team required 

What does it include?


Initial setup cost

Monthly recurring cost


  • Are you a business owner or a manager having challenges in getting an overview of the business at any point in time?

  • Do you have none or minimum IT support in the company?

  • Are you looking for a BI solution that is cost-effective and scalable?​

  • Based on Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure. Data stays in the region where you want it to stay. 

  • 4 dashboards :