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Known limitations of EUPP analytics:

  • Currently, the public procurement data used as the source data in the EUPP analytics solution is based on the bulk data provided via the TED portal data. As it is not mandatory to publish notices that are below EU threshold, many notices below EU threshold are not available in the source data. 

  • Currently TED XML files published from January 2018 are considered. Some of the files published in 2018 or later may contain contracts awarded in 2017 or earlier, as the data for 2017 and earlier is incomplete, it is best to simply disregard the information for years earlier than 2018. 

  • The EU procurement data in its original form (raw data) has several data quality issues (more than 300K data quality issues in files of a single month), to the extent that it cannot be used for any meaningful analysis. By cleaning and enriching the data, it has been brought up to a state where meaningful analysis is possible. However, it should be noted that cleaning is an ongoing process and not all of the data quality issues has been fixed yet. In some cases, it is not feasible to fix the data quality issue, for example, where the contract award value is missing in the raw data, and it is not possible to derive from any of the value derivation rules, then the contract award value is not enriched but cleaned (set to 0 from null). 

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