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Speaker Selection Process

  • One of the main goals of PublicBI BIKON is to provide a platform for everyone from keynote speakers to first-time speakers to deliver excellent talks about BI related topics. Idea is to share knowledge, reduce confusion and bring in clarity about BI topics, and to create awareness among BI community.

  • Speaker selection process is quite simple. Those who wish to speak / present in PublicBI BIKON are requested to fill this topic submission form with as much details as possible. Only topics related to Business Intelligence are entertained.  Topics should be informative, educative and preferably should cover topics that has not been covered so far.  Topics should generate interest among BI community. 

  • PublicBI will select the topics from the list of the topics and contact the potential speakers.

  • Based on mutual understanding the topics and slots would be agreed between PublicBI and Speakers. 

  • Those who have missed the chance in one event because of lack of slots, they will be reconsidered for the next BIKON event for the same topic submitted earlier. 

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