BIKON Speakers 

Guidelines for Speakers tbu

  • Speakers should not deviate from the previously agreed agenda during the session.  Any such acts would lead to us bringing the session to an end. 

  • Speakers should make themselves available for mutually agreed time slot  or ensure that there are equally good substitutes in case a speaker is not able to join because of some unforeseen reasons. 

  • Speakers should ensure that the session is completed on time. If slot is for 25 minutes then plan for 20/22 minutes with 3-5 minutes buffer for Q&A, technical glitches etc.

  • The sessions provided by BI Professionals should not be promoting any particular BI Software Vendor, company, etc instead it should focus on knowledge delivery in an objective way. For marketing / promotions / new product launches etc we have separate sessions as part of the conference agenda and only those sessions should be utilized. 

  • Speakers should ensure that they have good internet connection and headsets etc for high quality delivery of the presentation. 

  • All sessions will be recorded and uploaded on our YouTube or other channels. By participating in the PublicBI BIKON you provide us non exclusive rights to the session videos.