Public Data Warehouse

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VisionBuild Public Data Warehouse, World's best and biggest Data Warehouse to serve general public throughout the world.

Public Data Warehouse (PublicDW) project started in May 2017 based on Public Data Warehouse idea published in the blog . It was this project that concretized the need to form a company (PublicBI) which later also led to the formation of another company Reportpedia Private Limited. Company formation was necessary to ensure that a project of this size has a company backing and funds can be raised. Now that the companies have been formed, project work will start. 

Public Data Warehouse and PublicBI Solution

Public Data Warehouse is a Data Warehouse that integrates publicly available, non-confidential, non-personal, non-sensitive and free / paid for commercial use data from all possible sources worldwide.  Data in it will not be limited by Organizations, Departments, Enterprises, Subject Areas or Domains, Countries, States etc. It could become world's best and biggest Data Warehouse. It is the foundation built with data., the reporting portal maintained by Reportpedia Private Limited will serve general public world wide to ensure they get Information and Insights in an unbiased manner. The entire solution (combination of Public Data Warehouse and can be called as PublicBI Solution". A very rough architecture diagram is given above.  As we progress we will add more details. 


Public Data Warehouse should in the future work in some sort of  "Wikizon" Model,  i.e Provide Data Warehouse based information for free to general public like Wikipedia but at the same time it should be able to sustain itself, without depending on any donations, by providing a Reports marketplace like amazon. i.e PublicDW should become a combination of Data Warehouse equivalent of Wikipedia and Reports marketplace equivalent of amazon.      

Entry point to the project is through

What will be the use of Public Data Warehouse? Or What will Public use it for?

One of the Linkedin members asked this valid question on a post, below is the answer provided by Anoop Kumar V K, founder Public Data Warehouse Project. 


"Thanks for the question. Public Data Warehouse is like a foundation built with data. On top of this foundation a lot of things can be built. The possibilities are unlimited, and limited only by our thinking. Once general public begins to use what we initially build I believe they will ask for more, when we give them more, they will ask for even more and in this way we will cover as many data areas as we can and are permitted. I am intentionally not providing a direct answer with a list of use cases as I don't want to narrow down the scope of what PublicDW can be used for and what it can offer. will be the first reporting portal based on PublicDW through which public will search and access pre-created reports and have options to create their own ad hoc reports and analyze data. Currently such solutions are available only to Businesses. With PublicDW and I would like public to experience such solutions and use it for their benefit. My aim is to provide a data and reporting platform for general public, What they use it for is totally left to them. I guess the use will be very diverse, for example; A medical doctor analyzes usage, cost and impact of a drug and its equivalent across the world, A Police officer analyzes data to figure out a pattern in traffic jams in various cities, A student completes his report on public transportation in cities, A stock market trader uses it to predict share prices or to find impact across different Stock exchanges based on a news, An Astrologer analyzes data to back his theory, Data Scientists stop wasting time in gathering, collecting and storing data and use the staging layer of PublicDW to come up with predictive/prescriptive models and many more."

Please note that currently provides access to crowd-sourced reports.  In the future, once we have built Public Data Warehouse and reports on top of that, will also be the entry point for accessing and creating reports based on Public Data Warehouse.