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Individual Business Intelligence logo

A logo has been created for Individual Business Intelligence (IBI). All the posts related to IBI are now updated with this new logo. This beautiful logo depicts self-reflection with data that can be relied upon. Without data it would be difficult to really understand if we are making progress even if we practice self-reflection.

The IBI page is now updated with a small introduction to IBI. As the blog post published by me in Feb 2017 explains IBI in full detail it is not repeated again in the IBI page in PublicBI website.

We all agree that data is an Asset.

We all agree that if you can't measure something you can't improve it.

Then the question is, why don't we capture data about ourself , measure and use it to improve ourself ? If Businesses can improve using data, can't we improve using data?

Individual Business Intelligence (IBI) is the process of an Individual deriving insights efficiently through data analysis of self-accumulated data and inherited accumulated data to discover more about the individual, find trends, patterns and correlations and enable better decision making based on facts in order to improve the life of the individual. IBI in short, is about you accumulating data about yourself and you making use of the self-accumulated and inherited accumulated data for your improvement. The process of IBI mainly includes data accumulation, data analysis to find trends, patterns and correlation and taking actions to improve yourself.

It is about self-reflection but using data that you can rely on.


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