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BI Knowledge page added

Staying true with our mission "Improving lives with Business Intelligence" we have included a BI Knowledge section on our website. We plan to keep all of these pages updated and provide as much knowledge in BI area as much as we can in a totally unbiased way. Currently we have added 8 pages as listed below

BI Roles

BI Tools

BI Events

BI Certifications

BI Companies

BI Training Institutes

BI Forums

BI Blogs

BI Roles and BI Tools page has been taken over from the Public data warehouse project space. BI companies page has been taken over from the business intelligence job portal. Idea is to consolidate all such useful pages in one place to make it easy for users to reach to these pages. All of the pages are evolving, some just have the headers without any content. We need your support to add more content and details to the pages. So if you have details regarding BI Events, BI Blogs, BI Certification etc then let us know and we will gladly add it. If you are a representative of a company that specializes in BI or representative of an institute that provides BI training then shoot us an email ( and we will update our list.

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