• Anoop Kumar V K

1st week updates

It's now close to a week that we have launched PublicBI website publicly, and we already have some good updates to share.

  • We received a formal proposal for partnership from a Bangalore based company. We hope this partnership results in a win-win situation.

  • Received first booking on the website.

  • We have setup a free mock BI interview with a Hyderabad, India based candidate who has been trying very hard to get a BI Job in Europe with 5 unsuccessful attempts (2nd or 3rd round) so far. We don't know if our mock interview and honest feedback will help him or not, if he will be successful or not in his 6th attempt this month with another German company. We will keep you updated on this topic.

  • 3 entries in the BI profiles.

  • 1 offer of assistance from a highly experienced and seasoned BI (and much more) practitioner.


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