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Free Project Idea - Website for IBI

Develop a website for IBI community that would allow users to capture data on daily basis and carry out analysis. The idea is to provide a central platform where all of the IBI practitioners (IBI community) can share non personalized trends, patterns, insight, interesting stories, compare against similar groups, for example understand average sleep time of a group in the same age category, same profession etc. This kind of information will be very useful for researchers, scientists, medical professions etc.

Individual Business Intelligence

Any individual/team/group/company may take this idea and implement it. PublicBI explicitly states here that we will not claim any rights on the implementation or product. If you want to return us a favour then just credit us by mentioning that you found the project idea and requirements on the website.

Initial Requirements

  1. Users should be able to create and save their profile. Other users should not even know existence of a user unless the user himself chooses to make himself visible.

  2. Users should be able to capture data in a tabular format. Later this is required for data analysis.

  3. Users should be able to extend the table as they wish.

  4. Users should be able to freeze the entered data of previous days so that unintentional changes are prevented. Users should be prompted to confirm before freezing data. Once the data is frozen it should not be editable without administrative privileges.

  5. None of the users should be able to see other users data. This is a very strict requirement, any lapse in this could cause severe problems including legal issues.

  6. Metadata such as time of entry, time taken for data entry, corrections done should be automatically captured.

  7. Reminders should be sent to users if they have forgotten/missed to enter data on daily basis. Users should be able to turn off/set reminders for a specified period of time.

  8. Users should be able to choose if they want to share some of their non sensitive data with IBI community in a totally non personalized way. In return they should be able to see other IBI community users permitted non personalized data for comparison purposes.

  9. Users should be able to carry out data analysis, data visualization on the data captured. They should be able to compare their data against available non personalized IBI community data.

  10. More requirements will be added at a later stage.

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