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Free Project idea - Mobile App for IBI

Create a Mobile App for IBI using which users are able to easily enter data, save and freeze it and can carry out some simple data analysis and see trends and patterns using charts and graphs.

Any individual/team/group/company may take this idea and implement it. PublicBI explicitly states here that we will not claim any rights on the implementation or product. If you want to return us a favour then just credit us by mentioning that you found the project idea and requirements on the website.

Initial Requirements - Just basics ( All the basic requirements in a mobile app should be considered)

  1. Develop a mobile app that works with both Android and IOS. Should be free to download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

  2. New user should be able to signup by providing unique email id.

  3. Existing user should be able to login using username/email and password. Option to logout.

  4. Ease of use should be considered.

  5. Updates to profile should be possible.

  6. Able to input data for IBI data capture.

  7. Key value pair based input or tabular format input whichever works.

  8. Able to select a date for which data has to be entered.

  9. Able to freeze data for a particular date or range of dates. User should be prompted before freezing the data.

  10. Users should be able to see aggregate values, charts and graphs.

  11. Should be able to add new columns or add new key value pairs.

  12. Push notifications in case of missing data entry. Users should be able to turn off/on push notifications.

  13. Only one account per email id.

  14. More requirements at a later stage.

  15. Read these requirements in conjunction with Website for IBI requirements.

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