BI specialist partners - Are you a specialist? 
Are you an expert in BI and willing to offer one or more of the listed services or any other BI services through PublicBI? 
Are you a  BI specialist company or a company that provides BI services and would like to partner with us as Services Partner?
Then contact us, and let's work together to offer the best services and improve more lives with BI
Staying true to one of our core values, highest level of transparency, Our fees for services offered by individuals are fixed at 10% of the offering fee, no hidden charges, no complications and no confusing terms. With partner companies, as quantity of work is unknown, we cannot have fixed price but we are flexible to work out a win-win deal. 

We are also actively looking for below listed vendors to support us in achieving our vision. If you are interested please contact us

  • Business Intelligence Software Vendors mainly ETL , BI Reporting , Data Visualization and Data Virtualization Software providers

  • Cloud platform providers

  • Relational and NoSQL DB providers

  • Job Schedulers.

Current partners