PublicBI ORBIT Terms and conditions - Last updated on 30th Dec 2017


Acceptance of these terms and conditions is a prerequisite for joining ORBIT program provided by PublicBI in partnership with Reportpedia Private Limited both as a student and as trainer/mentor. By virtue of  joining ORBIT program, it is deemed that you accept all and any of the terms and conditions specified.

  • You understand and agree that you will comply with PublicBI website Terms of use.

  • You understand and accept that, for this training, you will be asked to download necessary third party free software (open source free and proprietary free). You accept that you will download, install and configure it on your own computer as instructed by your mentor.  You also understand that PublicBI or its partners cannot be held responsible for any issues arising out of the downloaded software as these are beyond the control of PublicBI. 

  • You understand and accept that, for this training, online accounts will be created so that you can access and use some of the services, for example to access confluence, you need an Atlassian account. You accept that you will ensure that you will maintain your all such account credentials in a secure way. 

  • As part of the training you will be provided access to several systems, repositories etc managed/owned/rented by PublicBI and Reportpedia and from third parties/vendors related to PublicBI, you are not permitted to share these accesses granted to you to anyone else. In the event of intentional misuse of accesses we will have no choice but to terminate your participation in the training program right away. If you come across any incident of misuse of access, you will right away bring it to our notice ( 

  •  You understand and agree that you will not intentionally damage any hardware/software/services/property that is provided/managed/owned/rented/leased by PublicBI that may be accessible to you as part of the training. 

  • All permissions and accesses that was/would be granted for training purposes will be revoked at the end of the training period. 

  • You understand that PublicBI UG is the owner of the PublicBI Solution and you have absolutely no rights on the PublicBI solution. PublicBI UG or its partners may use PublicBI solution for various purposes.

  • You will always be credited for your contributions (if any) but PublicBI will be the owner for all the contributions stored in the systems manged by PublicBI. For example, the ETL Jobs, Reports, Data Models, Documentations, Test cases etc that you create and store in the PublicBI managed systems as part of the training will be owned by PublicBI but the Author/creator would still be you and you have full rights to take credit for these contributions or to showcase in your profile/CV etc.

  • You are free to download all of your contributions and use it for any of your other purposes. You can also download other contributor's artifacts ( ETL Jobs, models, Reports etc ) and you agree that others ( other contributors or general public) may download your contributions from PublicBI managed systems without your permission but at the sole discretion of PublicBI. 

  • You fully understand that all of the software/hardware/services/code repositories will be managed/owned by PublicBI and you have no rights over these. All of the open source code will be made available for free download for everyone. Your code contributions (if any) to the project would also be made available for free download to general public. PublicBI has full rights to decide what should be made available and what not and you do not have any rights on this.

  • PublicBI Solution will use both proprietary tools and open source tools. Along with open source code, the content/artifacts (jobs, reports, models etc) created using proprietary tools could also be made available to everyone for download. 

  • Data that is housed/managed in the Public Data Warehouse is an asset of PublicBI UG.  Access to the data in the Public Data Warehouse is at the sole discretion of PublicBI. 

  • You agree that we can store your details like  name, email address, gender, nationality, phone number, educational qualifications, work experience, training hours for both recording/documentation purposes and analysis purposes to improve our services.

  • You agree that we may use your names, photos for display on our websites, or our pages on social media like LinkedIn/Facebook for ORBIT program advertisement/promotion/Alumni list etc.

  • PublicBI Solution uses several services like cloud services for server hosting (ETL, Reporting, Datastore) , online-conference and webinar services, online documentation and project management services, web hosting services etc provided by third party vendors. In the event of any of these vendors discontinue any of the services, we will do our best to procure replacement services at the earliest possible time, in the meantime between service disruption and replacement service procurement there could be a period of time where the training could be disrupted.

  • The success of ORBIT program depends heavily on exemplary communication and coordination between the students and the trainers/mentors. You agree that you will in no way hamper the communication between students and the trainers/mentors. 

  • In case of non-availability of the trainer/mentor because of sickness or because of unavoidable circumstances,  these will be communicated at appropriate time and PublicBI will ensure that the lost hours/days are covered in the future within 1 year. 

  • While all and sincere effort will be made to keep the PublicBI systems used for training purposes running, it could happen that the systems are down for reasons that are beyond our control, in these cases you will bring this to your mentor's notice first and escalate to in case there hasn't been enough action on the problem raised by you. PublicBI has every right to amend the terms and conditions at any point in time.

  • Any changes in Terms and Conditions will be informed to all the students and the trainers/mentors via PublicBI website and/or direct emails. 

For any further information or clarifications please contact with subject as training. 

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