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This page lists all of our BI Mentors.  It includes both categories, Confirmed Mentors and Potential Mentors. Confirmed Mentors are those with whom we already have a working agreement (duration, rates, expectations etc). Potential Mentors are those with whom we have connected based on their BI Expertise, Passion and Interest in Mentoring and we are progressing to reach a working agreement.


We understand that some of the potential Mentors would like to remain anonymous till something concrete comes their way and that they would prefer if their photo and details are not published on this page so that their current job is not in any sort of trouble, and we fully understand that and respect that. So for potential Mentors who like to remain anonymous, we will only include their years of experience, key skills and country of residence in the list below. 

Our Simple Model

Our Model is very simple and fully transparent.  So simple and transparent that you probably won't believe it's true till you actually experience it.


When there is a demand for a Mentor, we will contact the best-fit Mentor from the list of Mentors, we will mutually agree on the terms and conditions and then it's done, we will place you as a Mentor for a BI Team for the agreed duration for the agreed rates. You benefit, we benefit and of course the most important community (students) benefit. It's a win-win situation. We are aware that without mutual benefit nothing will last long. 

Note -


  • You will definitely be monitored closely for your performance. Students of ORBIT will be asked to review your performance on monthly basis at the least. Based on the reviews, feedback, and discussions we will make necessary changes in-time. 

  • Depending on the needs of the Teams we will arrange necessary training for you. For example inter-cultural training to ensure our International students and you are able to work without friction.

Confirmed Mentors

Potential Mentors

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Current Status

We are in different stages of discussions with BI Experts across the world to get self-motivated and passionate BI professionals as ORBIT Mentors. ​If you are a BI Expert and would like to work full-time or part-time as ORBIT Mentor please provide your professional link (Linkedin/Xing etc) via contact us,​ if we find that your profile is suitable for the role we will contact you. 

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