Become a volunteer

Over the last few months we have been trying very hard to continuously post BI Jobs on and we are very happy that many job seekers are making use of this portal. We are doing this voluntarily to help BI Professionals get access to BI Jobs directly and on the other side to help companies get access to the right BI Talent quicker. We are now inviting volunteers who are passionate about BI to join us to keep this going and to scale it up even more. We want to crowd-source the BI Job openings across the world and post it on one place ( ). We want every BI Professional and aspirant to benefit from

But why? why should I become a volunteer? what do I get? why should I waste my time?

We are well aware that these are the questions that most people would naturally have. And most of them would think that there is nothing in it for them. But let us assure you that it is not a waste of your time. It totally depends on how you look at it. We think "Some of us spend some of our time so that a lot of them can save a lot of their time".


We have tried to put together real general benefits of becoming a volunteer, but this list is not exhaustive. You may have your own reason why volunteering makes sense.

  • You will help someone (BI Professionals or aspirants) to find worldwide BI Jobs easily.

  • You will help companies find right BI talent quicker.

  • You will increase your BI vocabulary (tools, technology, roles etc) and knowledge in BI.

  • You will make good use of your spare time.

  • You will be credited for the jobs you have shared. We will include a label and filter to easily search jobs shared by volunteers. Who knows in which ways it may help you. One such example is given on the right side.

  • You will get to know the industry trend, which jobs are popular, which industries are hiring BI Professionals, what kind of opportunities exist etc. For example, see report1  and report2.

  • If you are aspiring to become a recruiter in the BI area or if you are already a recruiter this could be a good way to help BI Professionals find jobs and create your own brand.

  • You will gain knowledge about several companies, several locations, industries etc across the world which you wouldn't have otherwise probably explored.

  • By going through several job descriptions you will understand what different roles actually do in an organization in a BI Team. You will notice how different organizations have totally different descriptions for same role or same descriptions for different roles. 

  • You may even end-up finding a better job for yourself. 

A BI Developer  in India volunteers and shares job openings in Germany and in that there is an opening for a Head of BI. A BI professional from Egypt sees this opportunity on and applies for it and eventually gets it. Fast forward 2 years, this Indian guy applies for a vacancy in the same company where the Egyptian guy is Head of BI.  Egyptian guy has profiles of 10 developers who fit the requirement including the Indian guy and he chooses the Indian guy over others as he remembers the name.