Anoop Kumar V K
Aug 27, 2017

Free public webinar on Individual Business Intelligence

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On 8th september 2017 at

10 AM CEST (Munich time) I will host a live public webinar about Individual Business Intelligence (IBI). It will be hosted through my newly created youtube channel ( Anoop Kumar V K's youtube channel). Everyone who can use a computer and can understand a little bit of English language can attend. People from all walks of life are welcome to attend the webinar. No registrations required, it is a totally free to attend event. Just ensure that you subscribe to my channel so you don't forget the event. Share the message with your friends, colleagues, relatives , neighbors and whoever you think will be benefited with this. You don't need to know data analysis or Business Intelligence or don't even have to be in the IT sector to understand this. You could be in the sales, marketing or HR or a teacher or any other profession or even jobless.


IBI is all about self-reflection with consciously captured own data. It is about you accumulating data about yourself and you making use of the self-accumulated and inherited accumulated data for your improvement. The process of IBI mainly includes data accumulation, data analysis to find trends, patterns and correlation and taking actions to improve yourself. It is now over 6 months that I have been capturing data and it is right time now to share the results.


In this webinar I plan to cover these topics listed below


  • What is IBI?

  • Why IBI?

  • What is BI (very brief introduction)

  • How to collect data?

  • How to analyze data?

  • How to use Microstrategy Desktop ( Data discovery tool) for data visualizations

  • What I have learnt? What I have gained ? What have I improved?

  • and Q&A

Can't wait till 8th September? then please go ahead and read full details about IBI here .




Anoop Kumar V K
Oct 13, 2017

Thanks to all those who attended the webinar, and apologies for the technical glitches during the webinar. Here is the link to the webinar recording





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