We have not yet started hiring. Currently we are partnering with Reportpedia for all the support.  To join as BI Trainer/Mentor/Guest presenter register here BI Profiles. Please do not send us CV or any other attachments. 

Regional ORBIT Coordinators (ROCs)

Sales Professionals, Business Development Officers, Educational Institutions' coordinators, Interested BI Professionals, Students and anyone else who is interested from all locations :


For a temporary period, we (PublicBI UG, a Munich-based Start-Up) would like to work with you. We would like you to provide your services for commission based payments (not a Job)  in the role of Regional ORBIT Coordinator (ROC).


This is still in experimental mode, in the future it could lead to different roles like Regional Manager / Heads etc but at the moment we don't want to make any false promises, we would like to be fully transparent even if it's not popular. 


ROC's responsibilities include engaging with Educational Institutions and potential companies, creating awareness about PublicBI ORBIT program, organizing sessions, coordinating webinars, ensuring smooth flow of information between Organizations/Students to PublicBI and back, support PublicBI UG in attracting the right (not all) set of candidates for its ORBIT program without making any false promises to the candidates. 

In return you will be paid a handsome commission for each Student that is enrolled to the ORBIT program through you after the enrolled Student completes 2 months in the training program.  

Those who carry out ROC role successfully will be provided with an Experience certificate.

We believe this position is something that could be filled by Students too, because as Students you can easily engage with other Students (Engineering, BE, BTech, ME, MS, MTech), BCA, MCA, other IT/CS related graduate, postgraduate courses from all locations worldwide.  Students should be of legal working age in their respective locations to be eligible for this opportunity. If interested apply using the link given below. 

Important Points

  • Students, please do not make any payments to any ROCs (Regional ORBIT Coordinators) or any person. We are not responsible for your negligence. Payments should be made online (bank transfer), only after PublicBI UG sends you an invoice, to PublicBI's Bank Account or Reportpedia Bank Account. We have not authorized any ROCs or any other person to collect payments.  We don't deal with cash (no cash payments).

  • Students will be enrolled to the ORBIT program only if they meet the Requirements mentioned clearly on the ORBIT page's Requirement section.


Redefining Employment in BI

We are not ready to hire yet, but when we start hiring, these points below define our views on employment.


  • Passion should be given more importance than qualification. Employees don't need an engineering degree to work as an ETL Developer, Report Developer, BI Developer or Data Analyst. If they have the passion to become one, we should train them to become one.

  • No age limits from company side. If law of the land permits then they should be able to work. Current status like Student, Professional, Employed, Unemployed, Retired, House wife/Husband shouldn't matter.

  • Provide virtually unlimited potential to gain experience on various aspects of Business Intelligence. They should be able to choose the part of the work they like to do, but  of course within the framework of BI because we are a BI Specialist company. 

  • Work from home or on the beach, Basically work from wherever they like, Whenever they like and How much ever they like, Work during day or night, it should be totally their choice. This way we should ensure real work-life balance. 

  • Everyone should be allowed to work for any number of companies as long as they are able to manage the work. So no objections from PublicBI on carrying out multiple jobs.   

  • Virtual office, it is time we stop going to the same office every day spending hours on the road to reach office for an IT Job. Use online communication and collaboration and less transportation.

  • No hierarchy. Idea is to have self-organized teams. No people managers, only Task / Work / Product / service Managers. Do the job, get paid, and keep it simple. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, all that we can say now is, this is just the beginning.

If you share our Vision to empower general public and Businesses with Information and Insight, are passionate like us to improve lives with BI, live or can live our culture then you are welcome to join us when we start hiring.