PublicBI EBIT 

PublicBI EBIT (Essentials of Business Intelligence - Training) is a crash course that covers core BI concepts at the right level of detail and enables even those who are totally new to BI to gain broad understanding of BI quickly. People who are experienced can also take this course to clarify and improve their understanding and to gain knowledge. See the agenda slides given below for more details. 

Quick Info

  • This course is meant for corporate clients.

  • Course will be delivered onsite. 

  • This course will be delivered by Anoop Kumar  V K .

  • No hands-on offered in EBIT. Slides will be provided after the training. 

  • Maximum 20 participants per session.

  • Each part (part 1 and part 2) can be delivered independently. However, to attend part 2 the participants should already have basic understanding about BI.

  • For price and booking use the contact us form or email to

Some of the Benefits

This course is not only for BI / Data / other technical teams but also for non technical teams, especially the conceptual part could be very useful for Higher Mangement, DPO, Legal, HR,  Account Management, Sales, Marketing etc to ensure that everyone is on the same page when discussing these topics, again especially now with regulations like GDPR coming into picture. Previously only BI teams who worked on data extensively needed to know these but now with data becoming one of the most important asset and Business Intelligence becoming a "must have" from "good to have", it's important  that everyone has at least a high level understanding of it. 


With this training, especially the day 1 training, for example it should help ; 

  • Legal / DPO to gain better understanding of BI terminologies and processes and hence highlight legal / compliance aspects related to data before / during design.

  • HR to appreciate the difference between different types of roles in BI teams.

  • Account management, sales,  marketing etc to have better conversations with their counterpart in the client organization. 

  • Managers, Heads,  VPs, CXOs, etc to get a good understanding and solid foundation in BI thereby enabling them to make right decisions when it comes to technology / tools / vendor selection. 


The day 2 training goes more into the technical implementation part and it should be useful for;

  • New joiners in the BI teams.

  • Experienced BI team members who would like to gain more knowledge.

  • Bringing the team on the same page.

  • All others who are interested to increase their knowledge. ​