20 Sep, 2018

Attendance by invitation only 


PublicBI BIKON, Now Even Better !


For September 20th, 2018 BIKON event we have chosen "Speed is the Need" as the theme.


16 Speakers+ are expected to deliver excellent presentations touching upon important and key ideas, concepts, and solutions at optimal speed.


First-of-its-kind online BI Quiz will be conducted as part of the event. 


Speakers & Topics - TBU

I like to present at BIKON to showcase the kind of BI work we do and thereby attract top BI talent from across the world. And of course I like to attend and listen to other speakers to gain knowledge. 


Head of BI

I like to present an interesting case study from one of my recent engagements. And also provide a sneak peek into some of the training programs that I offer. 

United States of America

BI Manager | Trainer

I am building a BI consulting company and we have started doing some amazing work. I would like to showcase what we have done, our approach, our unique solutions and processes. 

United Kingdom

BI Consultant | Entrepreneur

We will launch our latest version of Reporting and Analytics Platform and introduce the audience to some of the latest and exciting features we have added.

United States of America

CEO , BI Solution Provider

We will showcase one of our recent projects in BI space and how we managed to cut down the operations cost for a company by about 75% and managed to increase revenue by over 300%. 


CEO, IT Consulting Company

I reduced the testing efforts from 21 days to 30 minutes. In this talk I will showcase the solution and the process that I developed. 


QA Engineer, Bank

We have done 50+ projects in the BI space and delivered great results to our clients. In this talk I will run through 3 of the most interesting case studies. 


Vice President, IT Company


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