BIKON Attendees

Guidelines for Attendees

  • Please join the conference on time to ensure that you don't miss out part of the session, this will help everyone as you won't take away the time by asking a question which was already covered in the session.

  • First-time joiners, check if you have a local dial-in number to call. It's recommended to use phone connection for voice communication. If you don't have a local number you can connect via VOIP using your laptop, mobile phone etc.  If you face problems with audio using internet connection during the sessions please reconnect using telephone for audio.  

  • Wait for the Q&A session to ask questions. You will be on mute till then. To ask a question, click on the Q&A button and wait for your chance. And when you get a chance go ahead and introduce yourself ( 1 or 2 lines) and ask the question. You may also use the text chat functionality to ask questions at any time during the session, however, these questions will only be answered at speaker's convenience.

  • Please keep your questions or comments professional.  Any question or comment that is not professional in nature will lead to disconnecting / blocking you from attending remainder of the sessions. 

  • Please don't promote a product or company as part of your questions or comments.

  • Only host (PublicBI) will be able to see all the attendees (email ids). You will be able to see only PublicBI and yourself in the list of participants. 

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